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Wooden Blinds Dubai


(Wooden Blinds Dubai) The Venetian Wood Blind is a highly decorative blind. Made from natural wood, lime, it brings warmth, nobility and aesthetics.

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Executed exclusively in 50mm wide planks, the only ones to restore the true elegance of wood, it will naturally find its place in Executive Offices, Board Rooms, or any room where you want a very high-end decoration. Wooden Blinds Dubai


We only offer one quality of wood, the most prestigious which is available in 10 high-end natural colours. The blades can be embellished with a braid available in 8 assorted colours or sliced ​​according to your tastes. Wooden Blinds Dubai

The lacquered steel case is covered with a Linden valance matching the blades like the final blade to ensure a perfect finish. Wooden Blinds Dubai

The tailor-made wooden Venetian blind is a fairly heavy product which will not be suitable for too frequent lifting of the slats. On the other hand, the orientation of the strips by a cord is extremely simple and will allow you to vary the atmospheres by bringing more or less light into your room. Wooden Blinds Dubai

All our tailor-made wooden Venetian blinds are delivered Complete, that is to say, they include the blind and the installation accessories.

The Wood Venetian Blind can be placed directly on the Sashes (with or without drilling), on the wall, or on the ceiling. In the case of a ceiling or wall installation, it must be ensured that the size of the blind slats, once folded, does not prevent the opening of your window. Wooden Blinds Dubai



What are the characteristics of the wooden Venetian blind?

It is blind with tilting and adjustable slats, which allows you to modulate the light according to your desires, or to hide it to make the night in a room completely. It is as blackout as a shutter and can replace it if you do not have one.


There are different blade widths: 25, 35, 50, 70 or 90 mm. It is sold ready-to-install or can be ordered to measure in dimensions up to 3 m wide by 3.50 m high, depending on the width of the boards selected.

It can be made in various wood species, from the lightest like maple to the darkest like mahogany.


Its junction system between the boards is done using strong nylon threads or wide cotton or leather ribbons. The man oeuvres are carried out using a pulling cord for the small models, and with a winch and a crank for the larger models.


Its weight is important, especially for large sizes. But it is possible to motorize it to facilitate its opening and closing.


How to install a wooden Venetian blind?

The wooden Venetian blind can be installed in 3 different ways: on the ceiling, on the wall above the window, or on the window sash. Here’s the procedure to follow:

  1. Install the blind in its final location, on the wall, ceiling, or window, and check that it is perfectly horizontal using a level.
  2. Then trace the two corners of the blind. Position the fixings in the traced angles, and mark the drilling points.
  3. Screw the fixings on the marks, insert the blind into the fixings and lock them.
  4. Install the matching wooden valance delivered with the blind, to hide the fastening system, thanks to the velcros supplied, for a perfect finish.



What decoration for a wooden Venetian blind?

The wooden Venetian blind agrees with ethnic decoration, especially in its darkest tones, but also with designer decoration, Scandinavian or natural in its light tones.


How to maintain a wooden Venetian blind?

A wooden Venetian blind requires regular maintenance, once a quarter in dry rooms, but more often in a kitchen, where fat and steam are deposited on the slats.

Here’s how to do it:

  • In dry rooms, after putting the blind in the closed position, dust with a soft cloth or a feather duster. It is also possible to use a hairdryer set to a warm or cold temperature.
  • In a kitchen, you must use a special brush, which can clean several blades, if it is normally dirty. This operation is carried out with the blind lowered and the slats well horizontal. If the wooden blind is very dirty, it is preferable to dismantle it and clean its blade by the blade with a barely damp sponge and a mild degreaser such as dishwashing detergent. Wood is particularly sensitive to humidity and does not support total immersion in water. It is, therefore, necessary to take care that the sponge is very little wet and to wipe each blade progressively with a soft cloth.




The advantages of Wooden Venetian Blinds Dubai


1. Attractive

Wood not only has good acoustics, but it is also beautiful. The veins and knots create a unique look, making your blinds really eye-catching. You can fully customize the slats by choosing from four colours:

  • Black Wood Blinds
  • White Wooden Blinds
  • Gray Wooden Blinds or Anthracite Wooden Blinds
  • Brown Wood Blinds

Do you want to give a bold look to the natural character of your wooden slats? Give a little extra to the braid scale by giving it a prominent color.

Good visibility to the outside

Due to the large distance between the slats, you have more visibility to the outside. Wood blinds for your living room and wood blinds for the kitchen are therefore popular choices for interior designers.


The Disadvantages of Wooden Blinds Dubai


Narrower compared to Aluminium

With a maximum width of 295 cm, the wooden slats are not suitable for very large windows. Choose a combination of several small blinds or opt for an aluminium blind.


Weight is another reason not to opt for wood with large windows. Because wood weighs much heavier than aluminium, it can be difficult to lift it. Installing large wooden blinds also requires additional labour.