Venetian Blinds DubaiVenetian Blinds Dubai

Venetian Blind Dubai


(Venetian blinds Dubai)The thedubaicurtains Venetian blinds are high-end blinds composed of adjustable horizontal slats which allow you to control the light diffusion in your room.

Thedubaicurtains offers a wide range of tailor-made Venetian blinds of exceptional quality. Your Venetian blind will bring comfort and elegance to your interior.

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Venetian blind: The Balance of The Slats


Timeless and always elegant, the Venetian blind, with horizontal adjustable slats, brings a contemporary touch to the decor. The orientation of the blades, in wood or aluminium, allows light to enter or obscure it while preserving privacy. Please note, the Ecodesign version of Franciaflex: fixed directly to the window sash and compact, it is ideal in frequently ventilated rooms and makes it very easy to open the door or window. It integrates with sobriety in most joinery in PVC, wood, aluminium, and tilt-turn, tilted … Other blinds use vertical adjustable bands. These are Californian blinds, perfect for dressing large bay windows and windows with complex shapes.



The advantages of the Venetian blind


The Venetian blind is very practical and easy to use. It has many advantages for your interior:

Its adjustable blades facilitate the management of light in your home;

It pleasantly protects against vis-à-vis, thus preserving your comfort and your privacy;

The Venetian blind is a decorative element in its own right;

It is easy to maintain and is not bulky.


Customize your Venetian blind

Our wide range of tailor-made Venetian blinds let you find what you are looking for whatever the room and the decorative style of your home.

You can personalize your Venetian blinds which allows it to be a superb decorative element. Choose:


§ The colour: more than 150 blade colours available

§ Material: aluminum or wood

§ The width of the blades: 15mm, 25mm or 50mm

§ The size of the blind (width and length): custom-made

§ Texture: matt, shiny, satin, printed or perforated appearance

§ The operation: cord and rod, chain, radio motor or wire motor


Thedubaicurtains attaches great importance to the quality of its Venetian blinds by choosing the best materials at the best prices.


Tips for choosing your Venetian blind

The ideal rooms to put a Venetian blind are living rooms, living rooms, kitchens, offices, waiting rooms, bathrooms.

For damp rooms such as bathrooms, the aluminium blades are resistant and perfectly suitable.

Wood Venetian blinds create a relaxing atmosphere and decorate your interior beautifully.

If you would like advice on choosing your Venetian blinds, do not hesitate to contact our sales department.

Venetian blinds Dubai