Types of Curtains and Blinds For Sliding Doors

Types of Curtains For Sliding Doors

Usually, there is at least one sliding door or a set of French doors that lead to the backyard, terrace, or patio in each home. While vertical blinds are primarily the traditional option for these large sliding glass doors, there are other options to add privacy and control the light with the blinds on your patio doors. In this article, we will see the different types of curtains for sliding doors, Curtain options for sliding doors.


Types of curtains for sliding doors.

The three main types of window treatments for sliding glass doors are Roller Blinds Dubai, Japanese panels, and Silk Curtains Dubai. Each class has characteristics that make them suitable for different needs.


How each type of curtain works?

The Vertical Blinds Dubai slats are the most common type and have multiple hanging strips. The verticals for sliding doors work in the same way as for other windows, with a control for the rotation of the slats and another to open and close.

Curtains and Blinds For Sliding Doors

The Japanese panels for doors are one of the types of curtains for sliding doors. They also have hanging panels, such as vertical. The difference is that they are very wide and are flat in the window and slide back and forth in the channels. These panel blinds are available in a wide selection of materials that are normally found only in blinds, including wood, match grass, solar cloth, and other materials and patterns.

The roller blinds are the third option for the controls. They are made of a roll-shaped panel material that is rolled vertically. Several blinds, one for each window sheet, is an option widely used by the consumer.


Privacy and light control

All three types of these window treatments offer privacy. Vertical slat curtains provide almost complete privacy and when closed, except for the small spaces between each slat. Control of the panel track and vertical honeycomb light and privacy depend on the material selected, whether pure or opaque.



The curtains can be stacked or accumulate on either side of the window, so you usually want to match the way your door opens. You must add additional width to the requested size if you want an unobstructed view when the blinds are fully open. If you do not add additional width, the stack of slats will necessarily block part of your window when pushed to the side.

Customized: Tailored

These custom-made patio door window treatments are tailored and work better than those available in stores, brands and options are much more diverse. The shutters of the patio doors are a popular topic in the world of window treatments, but many buyers are unaware of the options. Hopefully, this publication has provided you with valuable information to help you in your decision-making process.


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