Silk Curtains in DubaiSilk Curtains Dubai

Silk Curtains Dubai

Do you want a refined decoration to dress the windows of your house, and install original curtains? Opt for silk curtains! This luxurious fabric will make your curtains unique thanks to its unequalled qualities. With our article, discover the silk curtains dubai and invest in an accessory that you can keep for a very long time.

What are the characteristics of silk curtains?

The provenance of silk

The silk comes from a substance secreted and spun by the caterpillars found on the mulberry trees, which we call “silkworms” or “mulberry bombyx”. The fabric made from this thread is flexible and shiny and of variable thickness. It is used in many fields, whether it is the manufacture of textile accessories for the home (curtains, cushions, bed linen, etc.) or in the fashion world. There are different qualities. Silk Curtains Dubai


The different types of silk

There are different types of silk, for different renderings, to choose according to your tastes.

  • Washed silk is obtained after washing with specific products. It thus becomes dull.
  • Wild silk is obtained from the yarn waste eliminated during the weaving of conventional silk and has irregularities.
  • The silk taffeta. Even if there is now synthetic taffeta, silk taffeta is still widely used today. It has a regular, soft and shiny touch. The main characteristic of the silk taffeta is its very tight weaving. There are different thicknesses. For silk curtains, we will use the heaviest quality, therefore the thickest.
  • The silk fault is thick, coarse-grained silk forming ribs.

Silk scarf, silk taffeta and wild silk are commonly used to make silk curtains Dubai.


What finishes to choose for silk curtains?

Various criteria must be taken into accounts, such as the choice of the head of the curtain or the lining.

The choice of head

The silk curtain goes very well in a classic as well as a contemporary decoration, so we will select the head adapted to the style of the room where we are going to install it:

  • The Flemish fold. Traditional fold, it can be double or triple. It gives a lot of breadth to the fabric.
  • The flat fold. It is a fold both classic and modern, which will suit a silk curtain that will be integrated into a classic or contemporary decoration. Silk Curtains Dubai
  • Head wrinkled. It is the simplest head, on a roulette base, which is ideal for flexible fabrics such as silk.

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What are the qualities and shortcomings of silk curtains?

A fabric with undeniable refinement

The main quality of silk curtains is their timeless beauty and the refined appearance they give to any window. Their flexibility and lightness make them an undeniable decorative ally. Silk Curtains Dubai

What alternative to silk curtains?

If the budget and the maintenance of the silk scare you, it is possible to opt for other fabrics, such as polyester taffeta, much less expensive than silk taffeta. It filters light and has a slight shine. This is also a light fabric, suitable for all kinds of atmospheres.


How much does a silk curtain cost and where to find it?

You can find silk curtains at very different prices, depending on the quality of the fabricweaving and design, at home textile merchants, on the internet and at upholsterers. You can find the price on silk curtains Dubai by clicking the contact us button.