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Roman Blinds Dubai


(Roman Blinds Dubai)Roman blinds are available in various fabrics (linen, cotton, polyester, blackout fabric). Depending on the fabric chosen, the light is filtered with varying degrees of luminosity. Roman Blinds Dubai

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Play with different fabrics and colours according to your interior design and the room for which the blind is intended. Blinds which soften the light are perfect for decorating a living room while still letting light through. Blinds which block out light will protect you from prying eyes for a cocoon feel, suitable for a bedroom or bathroom. Roman Blinds Dubai

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Roman blinds can equally be attached to the wall or ceiling, and can even be hidden in the casing of a roller blind. The horizontal pleats fold together when the blind is drawn using the pull cord. Roman Blinds Dubai

Our collection of Roman blinds will help you transform any room in your home into an inviting and relaxing place of relaxation thanks to their unique texture and character. Choose from a variety of beautiful fabrics that will add elegance to any room. Displaying the soft look and feel of luxurious fabrics, Roman blinds are the ideal choice when formal or casual elegance is required. Roman Blinds Dubai

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Roman Blinds:

Roman blinds have multiple advantages.

1.    The price

These blinds are in the same price category as curtains or other classic blinds while also being, or even more, decorative.

2.    Easy open/close system

The opening, as well as the closing, are practical and are carried out using a chain or a cord. It is even possible to turn to a motorized awning which is even simpler.

3.    Design and decoration

Because the awning is made of fabric or sail, we can easily follow the trends of the moment: colours, prints, patterns…


The Roman blind is less robust than other models such as the Venetian blind for example. Its installation is not recommended in a kitchen because the system is less easy and takes longer to clean than a louvred shutter, for example.

How to choose the fabric for Roman Blinds?

It is recommended to opt for a good quality canvas that does not tear easily. On the colour side, there is an embarrassment of choice, and it is very easy to combine the awning with the interior decor harmoniously.

To minimize the light that passes through the room, it is advisable to choose a dark colour and a thick fabric. If, on the contrary, you want the room to be more illuminated, bet on a clear tone or better still, on white and fine canvas.

There is a full range of colours and canvas thicknesses to suit all tastes and styles, from the most classic to the most contemporary.