Plains curtains DubaiPlains curtains in Dubai

Plains Curtains Dubai

These plains curtains Dubai are generally used in houses. These curtains are not made for the office and other buildings. These curtains are mostly used in the home only. We know that everyone wants to enjoy the warm breeze and the hot climate, then these plain curtains are your best choice.

The best part of these curtains is that these are very cheap as compare to the other curtains available in the market. So everyone can buy them easily. These curtains don’t include drapes its only curtains, but if you like to include drapes, then you have to buy them separately. Plains Curtains Dubai

But we recommend you only to buy plain curtains because plain curtain gives your bedroom, dining room and living room a decent look that you always want.

These curtains are straightforward to install. You don’t have to put extra effort while installing them but don’t try to install them all by yourself try to find some professional help to install these curtains. Plains Curtains Dubai

These plain curtains come in many different colors. You can easily find the color that matches with your rooms. Plain curtains are very simple in looks so that your room can’t look too over.

These curtains have all the qualities that you want for your room, so we highly recommended you to buy these curtain they will give your room a very decent look that you always wants. Plains Curtains Dubai

Plain curtains also help you to reduce sunlight from your room so that sunray doesn’t irritate you while you are napping in the afternoon.

As we all know that curtains are made up of many fabric as well as these curtains are also made up of the same fabric there are many qualities in these curtains, so you have to thing which type of fabric you want for your curtains.

Different types of fabric options for plain Curtains Dubai

Here are some of the most common fabrics that are used to make plains curtains Dubai.


As we all know that cotton is one of the common fabrics that is used to make curtains. Plain curtains are also made from this fabric. This fabric is a versatile fabric used to achieve a range of styles.

Cotton offers you many things, such as a crisp, clean feel that suits traditional and a very modern style for your plain curtains. Plains Curtains Dubai

If you want to make your curtains light in weight than this curtain is one of the best fabrics for your curtains. This fabric is best for you if you are looking to block the sunlight in your room.


The plain curtain is also made from this fabric, but we tell you that is fabric is one of the expensive fabrics available in the market.

This fabric will give you a look that you always want in your plain curtains silk can make your curtains look very expensive and give them a very luxury look. Plains Curtains Dubai

Silk is one of the heaviest fabrics, so the plain curtains Dubai made from this fabric will be heavy, so if you want to make your curtains light, then this fabric is not your best choice.


We all know that linen is also called natural fabric because its billowy look creates an airy, casual, relaxed environment if you are looking that your plain curtains pool on the floor than linen is the best choice.

This fabric is very cheap, and it has all the quality that you needed to make your curtains decent and stylish, as well. This fabric will not help you to reduce sunlight in your room. Plains Curtains Dubai

This fabric is very hard to clean; they are dry clean only.


Polyester is one of the common fabric choices. This fabric is durable and affordable, and it is very easy to care for, and it doesn’t wrinkle stretch or shrink. The plain curtains made from this material are very strong and easy to wash. Plains Curtains Dubai

Plain Curtains made from this fabric are used in the bedroom and lining area, but you have to avoid it in the kitchen as it is very flammable, and this fabric doesn’t allow good airflow and absorb color, but it is one of the common fabrics used to make curtains.

This is the best choice to make curtains from. Plains Curtains Dubai

What are the installation tips?

These curtains are installed in the same way as the normal curtains are installed. To get your curtains perfectly fit with your room first, you have to make a proper measurement of your windows so that you can make curtains accordingly to their size.

Then you have to choose the rod that can easily handle the weight of the curtains. If the curtains are too heavy for the rods, then the rod will fall, and it can damage you and other things surrounding the curtain so it is very important to find a rod that can easily handle the weight of the rod. Plains Curtains Dubai

Then you have to find a professional that can install your curtains. It is not very hard to install these curtains, but it is better to get some help from professionals. They can fit the curtains accordingly to windows.

After following these simple steps, your plain curtains will easily install without making any extra effort, so follow these steps, and your curtains will be perfectly installed. Plains Curtains Dubai

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Things to know before buying plain Curtains Dubai

These are the six things that you have to know about before buying plain curtains Dubai.

Color and fabric

Fabric is one of the important parts of choosing curtains since the material will dictate how well the curtains are made and hold up over time.

A well-known designer has said that if these curtains are too heavy, they may not fold crisply when drawn too light, and they may not fall well. Plains Curtains Dubai

You have to work with a big sample at least 2 yards since a smaller piece may not show the true fabric drape. You have to remember that sunlight will fade the fabric over time. If your room gets a lot of light, then it is smart to avoid bright colors.

Length and Lining

First, before you take out the tape measure, decide how high you want your curtains too e from the window it is a very important decision, so decide wisely.  The hanging panels higher than the window will give a sense of height to the room. Plains Curtains Dubai

You have to measure from the top of the window to the floor to get the exact measurement of the window. If you want to give your curtains a more traditional look with the curtains slightly touches on the floor, you can add another two or three inches to your length.

Off the shelf and Custom Window Treatment

These custom window treatments offer many benefits to you. You can easily customize the dimension to your window size and create a very impressive look just like a perfectly fitted suit.

These custom panels come in endless design options, from material to header style. Through this option comes a very price difference from the shelf curtains panels. Plains Curtains Dubai

These custom curtains are very expensive if these curtains aren’t in your budget, then we suggest you spend a little more money on high-quality retail window treatments.

Washer machine-friendly VS dry clean only

This is one of the hardest choices that you have to make before buying a curtain. You have to determine whether you are going to buy dry clean only or a washing machine, friendly curtains. Plains Curtains Dubai

Washing machine friendly curtains are very easy to wash; you can wash them by just putting them into the washing machine it will save your money and time in the long run.

But you have to keep in mind that you could ruin high-quality curtains by trying to wash them by yourself.

On the other hand, dry clean only can cost you much money, but your expensive curtain will be safe. Plains Curtains Dubai

In-Home VS Online Consultations

It is better to get some help from the home consultant. Some companies will send a consultant to your home, and he will help you to decide which curtains will look good to your room. Plains Curtains Dubai

He will help you to decide on color, texture, and finishes that will perfectly match with your room you can get easily the same some time and a few trips to the store.

If you don’t want a home consultation, you can always get an online consultation; they will help you the same. But it is better to get an in-home consultation then online consultation.

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Plains Curtains Dubai


Plain curtains are just like normal curtains. These curtains are best for your home. You can easily choose different colors in them and choose different styles. We highly recommend you to try these curtains once in a lifetime. According to many designers, these curtains are very easy to install and very easy to wash. It can save you time as well as your money because these curtains are very cheap as compare to other curtains available in the market. So try these plain curtains  Dubai and tell us how your experience with them was.