Motorized Blinds in DubaiMotorized Blinds Dubai

Motorized Blinds Dubai


(Motorized Blinds Dubai) Open and close your interior blinds in a single gesture with the motorized control of TheDubaiCurtains custom interior blinds. It adapts to all blind models for unequaled comfort!

You probably already know the different types of interior blinds that dress your windows elegantly while controlling the light entering the room. Whether Venetian, slatted, boat, etc., the interior blind can be motorized and is therefore associated with a home automation installation. The motorization of your interior blinds will allow you to control the desired degree of brightness in the room, without trying to make the correct adjustment manually — a luxury which, inside, unfortunately, costs quite a lot.

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Our motorized interior blinds

Roller blinds, Venetian or Californian… all TheDubaiCurtains custom blinds can be motorized to obey the finger and the eye. And they adapt to any type of window for an elegant dressing and so easy to live with! Motorized Blinds in Dubai


Very popular in modern and current interiors, motorized Californian blinds decorate the windows with their graphic vertical stripes. Motorized Blinds in Dubai

On a bay window, in a meeting room or even on non-standard windows, we appreciate their electrical control to adapt their inclination, their opening, and their closing.


The motorized Venetian blind

Discover the whole range of TheDubaiCurtains fabrics to create the interior blind you like. Create a unique model, made to measure, and motorized to dress your interior with a perfectly adjusted motorized Venetian blind. And with the electric control, you can open or close each Venetian blind in the house in the blink of an eye and effortlessly.


The motorized roller blind

Brighten your windows and make your life easier by choosing motorized roller blinds. Whether they are blackout, blind or thermal, TheDubaiCurtains offers you a wide range of custom motorized roller blinds. And for even more comfort, treat yourself to fitting by our teams!


 Need a motorized and custom interior blind?

TheDubaiCurtains, the decoration specialist, window-side designs tailor-made solutions to motorize your interior blind. Need advice Just Click on Contact Us.





  1. Mode of action

No effort required;

A motor in the blind does the job.

  1. Economic or Expensive?

Slightly more expensive, but in the long term, saving energy can prove to be profitable (better protection from the radiant heat of the sun, therefore, less air conditioning).


  1. Indoor or outdoor blinds?

Exterior interior blind


  1. Other details

A gentle deployment of the awning will be conducive to a longer useful life. Motorized Blinds in Dubai