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(Kitchen Blinds Dubai) The kitchen is the main part of your home and one where many people spend the most time. It is, therefore, all the more important to choose the perfect decoration for your window.

There are a few things to take into account when choosing your interior blinds for the kitchen. To help you with your choice, we have gathered all the information.

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Aluminum Venetian Blinds for the Kitchen

Venetian blinds are suitable for the kitchen for several reasons. The moisture-resistant aluminum blades are easy to clean, and a damp cloth will suffice to degrease them. So while you’re at the stove, you can give 100% to your task without worrying about a drop of soup or a stain of sauce here and there.

The horizontal slats also allow you to block out the dazzling sunlight and protect your privacy. Useful if your kitchen window is located on the street side and is watched by many passersby. You can thus put the small dishes in the large ones in all peace.



Installation without drilling


Does your kitchen window have a swing-out or PVC frame? In this case, you probably prefer to avoid drilling or screwing to fix your blind.

A pose no drilling is possible for roller blinds, day-night blinds, and pleated blinds.

The special fixing clips are easily attached to your chassis and allow the installation of mounting brackets on the PVC chassis. You also have the extra advantage that the blind does not obstruct the movement of your window if it opens inwards.


A roller blind or pleated to dress the window of your kitchen


Do you want to create a cozy and warm atmosphere in your kitchen? You can dress your window using textile materials. Most of the fabrics available for our roller blinds are moisture-resistant and easy to clean with a damp cloth. So you don’t have to worry about a stain on your awning.

The roller blinds are a perfect accessory to add a touch of color to a room. Do you have a white kitchen? Go for a pastel shade or dare the contrasts with black or dark gray. This will give your kitchen a fresh and contemporary style.

The pleated blinds, like roller blinds, are available in durable fabrics moisture. In addition, thanks to the top-down, bottom-up configuration, you can pull your blind up and down, and maneuver its position on the window — ideal flexibility to let in sunlight while protecting your privacy.




The interior blinds are ideal for completing the decor while protecting your interior from the sun. The kitchen is no exception to the rule: match your interior blind with the style and color of your kitchen to give a real touch of modernity to your room!

For your kitchen, do you know which store to choose? Here are some tips for choosing the interior blind that best suits your needs.


The aluminum Venetian blind, for a modern kitchen

The aluminum Venetian blind adapts perfectly to kitchen windows: for small openings, prefer an aluminum Venetian blind with 16 mm slats, and for “classic” openings, opt for 25 mm slats.

This blind with horizontal slats is both a decorative object for a very elaborate cooking, and a practical purpose, it helps regulate the natural light.

The custom-made aluminum Venetian blind is easy to install and maintain: a simple cleaning with a sponge, clean water and soap are enough to remove dust and grease stains.



A wide choice of colors for multiple possibilities:

  • For a modernkitchen, fall for the metallic or matt blades according to the desired rendering: matt white, light beige, polar gray, bamboo green, plum, midnight blue, lemon yellow…
  • The “woodtones” allow you to give a rustic or natural atmosphere to your kitchen and remain easily cleanable in the event of stains: natural wood colors, walnut, golden oak, mahogany, cherry or even dark oak.


An innovative kitchen with the day and night blind

Very innovative and elegant, the day and night blind is made up of sifting and transparent horizontal bands which overlap in order to adjust the brightness of the kitchen as desired.

The custom day and night roller blinds are ideal for covering kitchen openings. This 100% polyester interior blind is permanently resistant to humidity. To clean the awning day and night, simply wipe with a soft cloth or damp sponge.


Personalize your day and night blind by choosing from many trendy colors and give your kitchen a real design and innovative side!


For your kitchen, fall for the awning!

The custom awning can be used to decorate a kitchen with finesse and elegance. For this room, we advise you to opt for the dimming boat blind or the boat curtain blind, these fabrics will allow you respectively to regulate the outside light or to filter it harmoniously, for a bright room but out of sight!


Good to know The sieving fabric must be washed at 40 ° C and the sheer, more fragile, at 30 ° C.

Practical and easy to maneuver, the draped shape of the awning makes it a first choice decorative object for your kitchen, French elegance!

Take advantage of a wide choice of colors  (white, pebble gray, Caribbean blue, candy pink, orange zest, granny green, Parma, pastel red…) and choose the one that best matches your kitchen!