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Blinds for a Private House

(Home Blinds Dubai) All the charm of a private home is in architectural solutions. But the windows are especially good: inclined, panoramic, wide, and non-standard. And all this diversity requires special decor because traditional textiles will not always help out. Home Blinds Dubai

Modern window constructions, with which owners are happy to decorate their homes, are blinds. There are many varieties, and for each room, there is a different option. The main requirements are compliance with the style of the interior, the size of the room and the parameters of the window. Home Blinds Dubai

Living Room Blinds:

The windows of the living room create maximum comfort, and therefore to provide pleasant lighting is the main task of the blinds. Roller blinds – this is the best window decor. Home Blinds in Dubai

The translucent canvas of the roller blind will be able to take care of optimally soft and comfortable light, and the medium-density canvas will darken the room in reasonable doses.


Also, windows can be curtained and blind “Breeze”. They are distinguished by a vertical design in which the lamellas diverge from the cornice with threads or ropes (therefore, blinds are also called rope blinds). They fill the room with space, and for panoramic windows will be the best addition. And the plus is that even the most curved cornice for their installation is not a hindrance.

Horizontal blinds with wooden or leather lamellas give the living room a special aesthetic. They look amazing together in wooden furniture, especially in a light colour, and create an atmosphere of lightness.


Bedroom Blinds: Home Blinds in Dubai

To decorate the bedroom windows will help the most beautiful of the blinds – roller blinds. Their advantage is not only in the aesthetics of the paintings but also in density. It is she who allows you to shade the room in the best way. It can be both a translucent canvas and a very dense blackout material. A variation of Day-and-Night, where stripes of transparent organza and dense tissue alternate, allows you to play with light with a roller blind.


Pleated blinds are also on the list of window draperies that can be hung on bedroom windows. The design is characterized by lightness since the canvas is either paper or fabric. The choice of colours is simply magnificent; probably, of all the varieties, it is these blinds that are the brightest. Lemon and bright yellow, lilac and purple, lime and green, blue and blue – it is easy to get lost in the palette. Home Blinds in Dubai


This is for the usual decor. And there are not quite familiar blinds — for example, vertical slats with a wavy edge. On the bedroom windows, they look quite unusual. And they can also be supplemented with rope blinds: the first to be mounted with a single piece of cloth, the second – to pick up in the manner of curtains.


Children’s Room Blinds: Home Blinds in Dubai

Roller blinds or vertical design – for the children’s room the most successful window design. Not only due to aesthetics, but also practicality.

The range of colours is quite extensive, as well as prints and textures, and there will be solutions for the style of the children’s room.

An additional plus is that the roller blind or vertical blinds can be ordered with photo printing on the canvas. What will be able to please kids or teenagers more than a cartoon or comic characters, space themes and favourite animals?

Also, horizontal blinds are quite suitable for a children’s room. Lamels are better to choose plastic: they are difficult to bend, and the possibilities of colour make it possible to choose the brighter decor for a child.


Blinds for Study Room:

Blinds for the office are selected depending on the specifics of the occupation of its owner or owner.

Wooden louvres of horizontal blinds will complement the classic cabinet, especially if there is wooden furniture to match. Elite leather blinds also look chic, and in any colour: red, black, white or chocolate.

Roller blinds are suitable for the cabinet of creative people. And a little creativity in the appearance of the cabinet will never hurt so that the most vivid colours and prints can safely go to use.

Do not neglect the decorative possibilities of horizontal blinds. Skillfully selected colour – and even simple plastic or aluminium structures can get along with the working environment.


Home Blinds Bathroom Blinds:

Since high humidity is the main drawback of this room, therefore, blinds are chosen not only aesthetic but also able to get along with moisture.

Out of competition – horizontal blinds, with plastic or aluminium slats. They will tolerate even the highest degree of humidity, while not allowing mould and fungi to multiply.

An unexpected solution turned out to be bamboo blinds – with lamellas or canvas. They, as it turned out, are not afraid of dampness and dry well. And for a bathroom in an eco-style will be the most optimal decor.

As for colour, it all depends on the colour scheme of the interior. Shades of blue, white, coral and turquoise are still fashionable.