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Duplex Blinds Dubai

Which Are Duplex/ Duo Blinds

(Duplex Blinds Dubai) Duplex Blinds or Duo Blinds will be the hottest modern designs available on the market for roller blinds. Additionally, they’re also called Zebra Blinds, Vision BlindsDay, or Night and Day blind depending on the supplier. Twist, Duo Roller, or Duolight blinds are other titles by other providers for all these blinds. Duplex Blinds Dubai

Produced from flat stripes non-transparent and translucent woven stripes. Most importantly, the structure allows the fabric to transmit light. Specifically, as both translucent fabric lines upward, one supporting the other, light moves through both fabrics. The Duplex/Duo blinds are dual roller blinds. Duplex Blinds Dubai

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Two layers slip past each other when hauled down or up with a chain. The front layer proceeded independently of the trunk, and the stripes slide between each other that can give the look of the blind being closed or opened. At precisely the exact same time, the privacy option can be obtained with those blinds.

An open tape headrail employing a 32 mm/40 mm cone forms the foundation of this duplex blinds.

  • Beige
  • Chrome
  • Dark
  • Satin
  • Bronze


  1. The minimum diameter of 300 mm
  2. The minimum fall of 1000 mm


Duplex Blinds Colors Chain

Because of this, on extended windows, the chain might be too brief. But, other chain options guarantee this isn’t an issue.

Thus, the silver chain, along with the gold chain permit for varying installment heights. In the current time, this guarantees that the cable span complies with blinds security.


Duplex Blinds Motorization

Henceforth, these blinds are now able to be motorized with the Louvolite one-touch engine system. Because of this, this choice ensures no strings can pose a threat to kids. Duplex Blinds Dubai

NB All photographs on our site illustrate the way the blinds might seem. Significantly, monitors or apparatus change; please order a sample to verify it is acceptable for your requirements.