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Customizable Blinds Dubai


(Customizable Blinds Dubai)An essential object of decoration, the custom up & down pleated blind is an interior blind with clean lines and graphic shape. The pleated fit perfectly with all interior styles: Nordic, retro, minimalist, urban … Its type of double openingmanoeuvre (raise or lower the blind from above, below or simultaneously) makes it an innovative blind that adapts to all types of windows. Customizable Blinds Dubai

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To dress your interior: The Customizable blind.

Elegance and charm are essential with the awning. Its large pleats create warm volume effects for a friendly interior. Made to measure, these blinds adapt to your windows without hampering the opening (even on tilt and turn). The wide range of materials on offer provides sun protection adapted to your needs: from total black to subdued atmospheres, anything is possible! Customizable Blinds Dubai

To personalize your Customizable blind, many low finishes are available (wave, point, eyelets …), the lining and the decorative braid will finish giving it style. On the maintenance side, nothing could be simpler: everything can be unclipped. You can even plan several sets of canvases to change them according to your mood! To simplify handling on a daily basis, have the autonomous motor reflex. Customizable Blinds Dubai

What colours to choose for the Customizable Blinds blinds?

For a natural and cocooning atmosphere, opt for white, ecru, linen, light grey or taupe. For a kitchen, choose bright and tangy colours such as fuchsia, red or orange, which will bring peps to your decoration. The pastels will be used for a rather romantic atmosphere, in a child’s room or a bathroom, for example. You can play with the contrasts between light and dark colours: black, white and grey for a modern and refined interior. Finally, if you are more industrial and urban, the grey, red or black will be perfect.