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Curtains for Home



If bedroom curtains are essential for sleeping without being disturbed by daylight, blinds and veils dress the whole house. They personalize an interior while preserving prying eyes from the neighbourhood. In windows, but also to separate rooms or in-wall decoration, they bring a personalized touch. Curtains for Home


The curtains no longer evoke only the sheer lace curtains installed in the windows to hide from the view of the neighbours without obscuring the light of day, now they are decorative accessories that stick to trends (we find in particular the major decoration trends 2019: Curtains for Home

ocher colours, green, velvet …). Whether they are patterned, plain, in sober or variegated colours, whether in linen, cotton or velvet, curtains are essential to perfect the layout of the house. For a harmonious decoration, we choose them to match our furniture and the style of our interior. By opting for home-made or made-to-measure, by making a curtain from a fabric, it can also be declined on cushions, in small touches.  Curtains for Home


Which curtains for which room?

Curtains help to create a more intimate atmosphere or add warmth to the room. In a bedroom, we opt for light curtains that will let in daylight or, on the contrary, for thick blackout curtains that will preserve sleep and the confined atmosphere of a cosy bedroom. In the kitchen, curtains are becoming rarer, but they are replaced by blinds, which are easier to maintain. 

The living room and the living room are the rooms where we find more and more curtains intended to assert its decorative style: linen for a chic and relaxed atmosphere, velvet for a romantic atmosphere, cotton printed for more modernity.


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The curtain, the accessory to spice up your décor Curtains for Home

The trend is for double or triple rods, which allow you to take advantage of both a discreet sheer curtain which filters the excessively bright light and preserves your privacy without obscuring the room, but also decorative curtains, which add a touch of colour or originality to your interior, all by closing only one curtain at a time, or both …Curtains for Home

When it is not possible to personalize your decoration with paintings, frames and furniture – when you are a tenant, for example – curtains are one of the first ways to appropriate the space and create a decoration in our image. 

To inspire you, here are beautiful curtains to adopt with your eyes closed.