Curtains According to the Room

Curtains According to the Room


Thinking about changing house curtains and you are not sure what type of curtain fits best in each room? Do not worry. We have prepared a series of articles with the most common types of curtains, according to the office. To do this, we will take into account the needs of each stay. And how will we do it? Easy. We will rely on three key factors to consider: lighting, privacy, and aesthetics, or decoration. In the series of articles, we will talk in detail about each type of stay: living room, kitchen, master bedroom, children’s room, youth room, living room or sitting room, offices or studios, and bathrooms. In this first article, we will start with the curtains most common for the dining room.



The main room of the house. Where we will receive the visits and where we will spend much of the time. In this room, the lighting needs will be vital. Therefore, it is always recommended to use curtains that let sunlight pass, whether they are fabrics such as a curtain or decorative fabrics that allow the passage of natural light. Obviously, each home will have specific needs as there are homes where the sun directly affects, and therefore it is necessary fabrics that filter a lot of light.

Regarding privacy, it will always depend on what we want and what we need. There are cases in which we have the neighbors on top, and that is why we want them not to see us in our privacy. Regarding the decorative section, it is the room where we must bet on aesthetics and decoration. It will be where our visitors enjoy our home, so it’s time to take out the chest.


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What type of curtains is more common in the dining room?

·        Classic curtain: In five types of clothing and fabrics with very decorative textures and colors, we can achieve great decorative results. The most used structures and star in this type of curtain is the curtain or decorative fabrics. A safe bet can be to use a double channel rail with two types of fabric, one more vaporous and lighter and one with greater weight and presence.

Roller blind: The bestseller. More and more people are betting on this type of curtain. Among the most requested types of fabric are the screen, translucent and night and day


Vertical: Vertical Blinds are very fashionable. Thanks to its aesthetics and design, being able to choose between screen, translucent, or opaque fabrics. Yes, we say opaque because thanks to the operation of the slats, we can control the light and visibility that affects the interior of the dining room.


Tomorrow, in the article series of types of curtains most common according to the room, we will focus on the kitchens. We will talk about the needs in terms of lighting, privacy, and decorative. If you are thinking of changing the curtains of the dining room, we provide a link to TheDubaicurtians, where you can see all the types of products most used in this type of stay.


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