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(Blackout blinds Dubai)At thedubaicurtain, we offer a wide range of Blackout blinds.

The blackout blind keeps your room in the dark and also has the advantage of protecting you from prying eyes. Practical, your roller blind is equipped with a chain which will allow you to roll up or unroll it as you wish to take advantage of the outside light.  Blackout Blind Dubai

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True solar protection, the thermal blind is particularly appreciated in pale shades such as light grey. Anti-heat, it helps regulate the internal temperature of your home. Blackout Blind Dubai

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Blackout Blinds:

The Blackout Blind is a device that can replace interior curtains. It is made up of a single piece which is wound above the window on a fixed tube. It has the capacity to bring a half-light, a total blackout of the light and shading. As practical as it is decorative, this blind can be adapted to any room in the house. It has many more advantages than disadvantages.Blackout blinds Dubai

Advantages of Blackout Blinds:

Whether installed inside or outside the house, the Blackout Blind offers a multitude of advantages for individuals. First of all, it is very decorative, brings a certain chic to the interior layout. Indeed, it is made from robust and quality materials such as woven wood, PVC and blackout fabric. It is available in various colours that can adapt to all styles of interior decoration. Then, the Blackout Blind also has the quality of providing better management of interior light. Indeed, it is possible to control it according to the desires whether it is, for example, for an opening to half of the window or is complete. It can be installed in any opening system. Blackout Blinds Dubai


Besides these, one of the advantages of the Blackout Blind also concerns its use which is very easy. Moreover, currently, it is possible to opt for an article with automatic winding with remote control. Finally, as this type of blind is made from blackout fabrics, it, therefore, allows the interior temperature of a house to be reduced by 2 to 4 degrees. Blackout Blinds Dubai

Disadvantages of Blackout Blinds:

Up to now, the Blackout Blind has only had advantages. Its only drawback is in children’s rooms. It is therefore not recommended to install this device in this room. Mishandling of the blind by a child can lead to serious accidents, in particular, strangulation, which can lead to dangerous suffocation. Then, this type of blind does not allow to modulate the light as precisely as the Venetian blinds.

Regarding its installation, it is a bit complicated because it would be necessary to take measurements of the window before buying it. The mounting can be carried out in the wall, in the embrasure, on the leaf or on the ceiling.


This blind will be part of the blinds, to say the least, effective enough since it will bring you a fairly good blackout of light and all this at less cost. A Blackout Blind that will adapt to all your sun protection needs against light, UV and ensuring good thermal insulation.

You will, therefore, need to choose a suitable fabric (decorative or technical) to your needs. This blind can thus reduce the brightness called decorative fabric or completely obscure the light with a technical fabric.

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Nouveau Raspberry is a beautiful bright Red blind to brighten up any room it is fitted in.

Things to know before buying your blackout interior blind

Daylight bothers you in the morning when you wake up, and you want to darken the room in which you sleep?

One of the most effective ways to let daylight outside is to invest in a blackout interior blind.

Before buying it, it is essential to be informed about the models, the potential of a blackout blind, its decoration possibilities and its price.

Know the models of Blackout Interior Blinds

There are different models of blackout interior blinds.

  • The awning is a very original awning. The fabric does not roll up but folds and unfolds vertically forming pretty waves that inspire lightness and serenity. Placed on a window, the awning blinds the light.
  • The Blackout Blind is more classic. It is wound and unwound from top to bottom using either a chain, a crank, or a motor.

It can be operated in three modes: chain, cord or motor.

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Nouveau Raspberry is a beautiful bright Red blind to brighten up any room it is fitted in.

The 2 in 1: interior Blinds both Blackout and Dimming

The blackout blind can also be juxtaposed with a dimming blind. This is very practical when you want to hide the light at daybreak but let it enter during the day!

Two models of blinds let in both clarity and preserve your privacy.


  • The awning for roof window. If your room is installed in a mezzanine under the roofs, we advise you to opt for the awning for roof window. It is possible to combine two fabrics, a blackout fabric for the night and a more decorative one, for the day! Blackout blinds Dubai
  • The neo lux awning
  • Choosing a Neolux blind will offer you clarity or privacy in a single-blind.
  • Neolux blinds have the particularity of giving personality to your space.
  • The Neolux awning can be operated manually or motorized.

The blackout interior blinds adapt to the decor of your interiors

Whichever model you choose, the blackout interior blinds adapt to the decoration of your interiors.

The fabrics of the blinds are available in a wide range of colours. Blackout blinds Dubai

To create a Zen atmosphere in your living room, while preserving yourself from the vis-à-vis, opt for large blackout Blackout Blinds in a light colour.

If you prefer warm colours, opt for an assembly of blinds that both conceal and dim purple and white for your mezzanine!

Nouveau Raspberry is a beautiful bright Red blind to brighten up any room it is fitted in.

Interior blackout blinds can be ordered to measure

Whatever the dimensions of your interior space to be dressed, the blackout interior blinds can be ordered to measure.


You can choose:

  • Her size
  • It’s model: roller, pleated, boat, neo lux, awning for roof window,
  • Sound (s): sifting, blackout, or opaque
  • Its operation: manual, or motorized
  • Its colours, do not hesitate to give free rein to your creativity to enhance all the rooms in your home!

Nouveau Raspberry is a beautiful bright Red blind to brighten up any room it is fitted in.